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07 November 2020 @ 03:19 am

Title : Because Everything May Change

Pairings : JongKey, slight!TaeKey, slight!OnKey, 2MIN, others

Summary : Kim Kibum a guy who is always made fun of everyone for being gay and hated for being an annoying bitch. Kim Jonghyun, Kibum's classmate who always makes fun of him ever since they were elementary students. what will happen to the two of them if one KISS change their lives... forever?

Disclaimer : I wish I owned JongKey.... but SM did... aww man!

Genre : Drama / Romance / Highschool! AU

prologue (must read.) / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / Final

JongKey Sequel :

A Night Worth Remembering

A/N: My first time writing a smut fic.... i have to warn you that it has boyxboy s*x...


Title : Love Found by Mistake... or is it by Fate?

Pairings : main!Jonghyun/Kibum, broken!Jonghyun/SeKyung,side!Taemin/Minho, friendship!Key/Nicole, side!JinCole, little!Onew/chicken

Disclaimer : I don't own the artists included in the fic *cries* but!... I own the fanfic ^u^

Genre : Romance, Drama, Fluff

Summary : A shocking news hit Kibum when one day a child arrived in his home,the son of his cousin the arising actress, Shin Se Kyung. But the child's father is a famous singer-actor, Kim Jonghyun. What will happen when one child arrive in the lives of two guys, one child who will determine their fate in life, and in love? The child who will or will not draw them closer to each other.

prologue / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16A / 16B / 17

Chapter Eighteen:

( That snapping sound in the back of Jonghyun’s head must be his self-control breaking because, right now, he couldn’t think of anything but doing exactly what Key just said. )


Title : Just Get Over It!

Author : imashineegirl

Pairings : JongKey, 2Min, ChangNew, other pairings

Warning : This fanfiction shows the life of two (or more) males in love. If you do not approve of yaoi, do not read. You have been warned.

Summary : After Jonghyun gets dumped by his first love and the hottest girl in school, Jessica, he’ll do anything to get her back! Against the advice of his two best friend Minho and Onew, he still desperately follows Jessica into the high school stage play. But when he was having troubles onstage, Jonghyun gets bailed out by his friend's younger cousin, Key, who just might be the only one to help him get over his love for Jessica. Nothing will surely goes on plan if fate steps in to mess it up...

Genre: Romance/ Fluff / AU

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters *although I wish I did... if SM only didn't*

prologue: Left With A Broken Heart / / 2

Chapter 9:

Title : You're My Playful Angel
Pairings : JongKey, 2Min, JaeHo, ChangNew, other pairings
Warning : This fanfiction shows the life of two (or more) males in love. If you do not approve of yaoi, do not read. You have been warned.
Summary : Kim Kibum is a happy-go-lucky angel who was sent down on earth to fulfill one mission, to watch over and teach a guy to change. Kim Jonghyun is a playboy who sleeps with every girl that falls in his bad boy charms. What happens if one of them falls in love with the other? Can love completely change a person?
Genre : Romance/ Humor / AU
Rating : PG
Disclaimer : I do not own any members of SHINee *I wish I did own two of their members, mentioning jongkey..*

prologue / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Chapter Eight :

Why do you always make me hope that you feel something for me?

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20 March 2012 @ 07:40 pm


Perfectly extraordinary morning


(Donghae’s P.O.V)

I heaved a deep sigh and awkwardly pulled down the skirt that I was wearing. I realized how uncomfortable it was to wear this kind of clothing. I mean it’s too cold when the Autumn wind breezed through my legs and it feels like any minute now anybody would see my underwear.

I groaned inwardly as I scanned the Academy. It was a big concrete building, dusty gray bricks making up the outside appearance of the school building. Its quadrangle was decorated by trees in varied types and sizes, but what really caught my attention was the big white concrete fountain standing in the middle of the area. It was rather huge and grand to be there. But what can I expect? It’s an exclusive school after all.

I started to wander around again, only to stop when I saw my reflection on one of the full glass wall of the building. I sighed in frustration, I think I look like some drag queen I always see on the television. It’s not as if I have anything against them, I just don’t like what I look like at the moment,

My medium-length hair was extended by attaching a few inches hair extension on it, making it long enough to pass by my shoulders, a little dusting of make-up on my face and the worst part is that I’m wearing a girl’s uniform, skirts and all!

Calm yourself, Donghae. All of this would be over soon enough, just endure it for a while. I whispered to myself as I kept my eyes closed. I tried to count from one to ten to calm myself down. Fortunately, it did helped me calm down.

“Excuse me, may I help you?”

Startled by the voice, I quickly opened my eyes and turned to the person who just talked. Upon turning around, I saw a rather pretty guy who looked a little older than I was, he was standing behind me. “Uh. C-can you help me find the Student Council Office?”

 “Sure. That won’t be a problem.” The guy smiled at me. “By the way, the name’s Kim Jaejoong, a third year student here. And you must be Lee Haemi, am I correct?”

 “I-i am.” I nodded my head at him. I still find my situation really uncomfortable.“It was nice meeting you too, Jaejoong-hyung.” Oh, sh*t! You’re really stupid, Donghae! I mentally slapped myself when I realized that I used the wrong honorific.

The other guy laughed, making me more nervous than I already am. “I can see that you’re still not yet familiar with the honorifics used here in Korea.”

“Y-yeah.” Oh, right. I almost forgot, the students here know that Haemi grew up and stayed in America. I’m kind of a little thankful for that, future little mistakes would be reasonable, no questions asked. I heaved a sigh of relief. “S-sorry for that.”

“Nah. It’s alright. I understand.” He motioned his hand toward his left side. “Shall we?”


He chuckled. “The Student Council Office is that way.”

“Oh.” I nervously scratched the back of my neck. It seems that my disguise is believable enough to fool the other students, huh?

“You are really cute.” He commented as we start to walk towards the direction he pointed to earlier. I just fought hard not to throw him a little annoyed look, but he seemed to notice my awkwardness. “You don’t like being complimented?”

“Not really.” Especially if its other guys complimenting how cute I look. I added in my mind.

“But, really. You should be happy when someone compliments you.” The older guy broke into a grin. “I mean you’re really a cute girl, especially when you blush that way.”

My eyes grew wide in shock as I cover my face with both of my hands. “D-don’t kid like that. I-I don’t really s-see myself as cute or anything.”

“Ok, ok.” He laughed.

I was about to say something when someone cut me off with a shout.


Me and Jaejoong both quickly turned around to look at the tall, almost as good-looking guy who was approaching us. I was caught surprised when the new guy suddenly kissed Jaejoong, brushing his lips with the other’s lips. That kind of shocked me for a while, but then I recovered after a few seconds of contemplating.

“Yah, you idiot!” Jaejoong slapped the other guy’s shoulder . “You surprised Haemi!” After giving the taller guy a glare, he turned to me. “I apologize that you have to see that. This tall idiot here is my boyfriend, Yunho. I’m sorry if you got shocked by what he just did.”

I bit my lower lip and looked at the two of them. “B-boyfriend? Don’t tell me, you’re both gay?”

The two of them shared a look before smiling sheepishly at me, Yunho was the one who broke the silence. “Well. I’m not that ashamed of that fact.” I smiled a little when he hugged his boyfriend from behind. “I mean I really do love, Jae. And the fact that many of the students here are in a boy to boy relationship.”

“I see.” I nodded my head in understanding. “You’re both lucky to have each other. I can really see how much you love each other too.”

“You’re not disturbed by the fact that we’re gay?” Jaejoong’s eyes grew wider than they originally are.

I shook my head. “Not really. There’s nothing wrong about being gay or loving someone of the same sex. Actually, I’m quite impressed by the fact that gay people are brave enough to show the world what they really are and what they really feel without even a trace of pretention on their part.”

I got another surprise when Jaejoong suddenly hugged me. “I really like you already! You don’t even think that we’re weird or something lunatic.”

“Why would I think that gay people are weird or lunatics?” I chuckled. “You’re just showing who you really are and what you truly feel. I see nothing wrong with that.”

“You know, Jae-boo. I already like her too. ” Yunho said as Jaejoong let go of me. “She’s kind of cool.”

Jaejoong grinned at his boyfriend. “Of course, she is.”

“Oh, before I forget. I should introduce myself to you properly. I’m Jung Yunho, same grade as my boo.” He even offered his hand at me.

I accepted his hand and shook it. “I’m Lee H-haemi. Nice to meet you, Yunho-hyung.”

“Hyung?” Yunho raised an eyebrow at me, confusion clearly written on his face. “Shouldn’t it be oppa?”

I gasped softly. “R-right. Sorry.”

I was thankful that Jaejoong came to my rescue. “She’s from America, you idiot. So don’t expect her to be too familiar with Korean honorifics.”

“Oh, sorry. Yunho gave me an apologetic smile and let go of my hand.”I didn’t know that you stayed in America, so I really apologize.”

I shook my head at him and smiled lightly. “No worries.”

Jaejoong laughed and both grabbed my arm and Yunho’s arm. “We should go to the Student Council office now.” He turned to me and winked. “My idiot boyfriend had already delayed us far too long.”


The two of us laughed at Yunho, as Jaejoong drag me towards the same direction as we were going to before. I think pretending as Haemi for a while wouldn’t be as hard as I thought it would be.


“Here we are.”

Jaejoong, Yunho and me stopped in front of a two-door room with an engraving of ‘Student Council’ hanged of the side of the door. I curiously stared at it, it was far more grand than my actual school’s student council.

The three of us were about to go inside the room when a tall, handsome guy scrambled out of the room. I gawked when a notebook flew towards him, hitting him on the face.

“Yah! Choi Siwon! Get back in here!” Another tall, yet very pretty guy appeared from the opened door. “Get your ass back in here you ass-!”

Jaejoong cut off the guy. “Yo, Chul-ah. Just chill.”

The guy who was called by Jaejoong stopped and turned towards the three of us who were watching them in a battlefield like scene. A big grin slowly appeared on his pretty face, not minding the fact that the guy whom he called as Siwon completely escaped. “Oh, Jae. Who’s this cute girl with you?”

Jaejoong laughed. “Silly you. She’s the supposedly new and only girl student here in our school.”

“Ah. Lee Haemi, correct?” Heechul turned to me and eyed me from head to toe. “You are actually very pretty. My name’s Kim Heechul, but you can call me Chullie or Chul-oppa.”

I gave him an enthusiastic smile. “Nice to meet you.”

“Same here.”

“I just want to inform you, Haemi. That pretty faced guy there is actually the Student Council’s President. Even though he doesn’t look like it.” Yunho said with a chuckle.

Heechul rolled his eyes at Yunho. “I didn’t know that you could be useful at times, you big idiot.” He sarcastically remarked.

Jaejoong laughed again. “That’s the reason why I love, my boo.”

I chuckled when I saw Heechul make a face at the scene the couple was making in front of us. He even rolled his eyes at the two, clearly looking annoyed.

“Stop that you two. An almost innocent girl here is watching.” Heechul said.

Jaejoong just grinned. “Don’t worry, Chul-ah.”It’s just okay with her.”

Heechul’s face brightened even more, I’m guessing he’s also like them. “Awesome! I gladly welcome you here at St. Xavier Academy.”

I politely bowed at him. “Thank you.”

“No problem, that’s a president’s job after all.” Heechul gave me a two thumbs up before motioning us to go inside the S.C.O. I walked inside, the three walking behind me.

My eyes grew wide when I saw the inside of the room. It doesn’t actually look like a Student Council’s office of an academy. It looked more like an elegant room of a very big and expensive mansion. The room was painted crème and a big elegant chandelier hanged above the middle of the room. There were several desks with flat-screened monitors in them, and some stacks of papers and folders. Framed paintings on the walls, two four-seater couch on the right side of the room and a full-length mirror on the left side. Now, this is what I call luxury.

“Cool, huh?” Heechul interrupted my thoughts, pulling me back into reality.

I nodded my head. “Yeah. This looks really, really cool!”

A moment of silence passed between the four of us. It is a good thing that these people seemed to dislike staying quiet for too long. Heechul broke the silence when he spoke to me again. “Anyway, here’s your schedule, Haemi. You’ll be in 2-B, the secretary was supposed to take you to your class because he’s also in 2-B, but it seems that he’s a little busy at the moment.” He gave me a copy of my schedule, I took it and slid it inside my pocket before thanking him. “No problem, it’s really my job to welcome new students, especially those who are in the lower years.”

“I can see that you’re taking your job more seriously now, huh?” Jaejoong smirked at Heechul who returned an evil smile. “By the way, what’s up with you and Siwon?”

Heechul made a face. “That idiot forgot about our monthsary, and he forgot that we have a date later this afternoon. Can you believe that he agreed to practice Kendo with his coach later than have a date with me?!”

“Seems like he’s in a really deep shit.” Yunho commented.

“Oh, he really is.” The pretty guy clicked his tongue. “I’ll punish him later.”

“Tsk. Poor Siwon.”

My attention was shifted when my phone suddenly vibrated, indicating that I received a new text message. I quickly took out my handphone and quickly opened the message. It was from my best friend, Kibum.


[time] 08:35am

Yo, fishy. I heard from your mom that you’re sick. Are you really?

I frowned. My mother told him that I am sick? I shook my head in disbelief and typed in my reply. I don’t like lying to Kibum, SO I have to tell him everything about my current situation, from th problem with my sister to my mom’s crazy idea.


[time] 08:37am

Nah. I’m not really sick. I’ll tell you everything later, wait for my call.

I pressed the send button and watched my three hyungs talk about other random things, I’m not familiar with. I almost smiled when Kibum replied.


[time] 08:39am

Why not now? I want to hear you explanation now.

I pouted a little bit and sent my reply.


[time] 08:40am

Ok. Give me five minutes.

I slid my phone inside my skirt’s pocket and excused myself from the three other guys, saying that I have some important calls to make. Convincing them that I won’t be calling my boyfriend was rather a little difficult, but they let me go in the end. I walked out of the room and took out my phone to call Kibum.

I just hope Kibum won’t overreact when he hears about my mom’ plan.


I apologize if the update took a little longer than I expected I can post it. I hope this chapter didn't disappoint you so much. Even though I doubt if there are people who's reading my crappy story. Remember to comment below if you have opinions, okay? It's highly appreciated too. ;)

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18 March 2012 @ 02:51 pm

Title: Against All Odds

Pairings: Main!EunHae, side!YunJae, side!JongKey, hint! SiChul, hint!YooSu, hint!KyuMin, hint!2min, hint!ChangNew, hint!DongShik, hint!KangTeuk, broken!EunYeon, friendship!KiHae

Genre: Romance, High School! AU, Drama, School Life.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story doesn’t belong to me, but I would love it if they do.  -getsshot-

Summary: Lee Donghae is a passionate guy and everybody loves him because of his bubbly personality. He was living his life normally like any typical guy of his age, but that changed when one day his twin sister went missing or more to say AWOL. In order to cover-up for her, Donghae was forced to pretend as his twin sister, Lee Haemi. But there’s another problem, Haemi was supposed to be the only girl who’ll enter in an exclusive all-boys school. What will happen if along the way Donghae falls in love with someone, complicatedly of the same sex? Would he still continue the deception? Or is he prepared to give up everything for love?


Goodbye, my normal life


(Donghae’s P.O.V)


The glass of water that I was holding on almost slipped through my hands when I heard my mother shout from across the living room. With trembling hands I placed down the glass on the countertop and went to my mom, not bothering if I still have my school uniform or my knapsack on me.

I saw her talking to someone over the phone while pacing back and forth in our living room. Her forehead was knotted as if there was a big problem. I just leaned on the wall and waited until she finished her conversation on the phone.

“Is there any problem, Umma?” I asked while I fiddled with the pockets of my uniform.

She sighed and looked at me. “Your sister got us into a rather big problem.”

I scoffed. “There’s nothing new, she always get in trouble. What is it about this time? Did she broke someone’s arm again? Did she cause chaos on her new school? Or did she tried to jeopardize Appa’s company again?”

“Worse.” Mom heaved a rather deep sigh then combed her hand through her hair. “She hadn’t been coming home for the last weeks and she didn’t even attended her new school. Your Appa thinks that she eloped with her boyfriend.”

My jaw dropped open. “Eloped?! Is Appa crazy? Haemi and I are just 17 years old. How could he think she eloped?”

“You know how your sister could be. If she wants something, there’s nothing or no one who could stop her.”

 My head started to slowly ache. Mom has a point there, Haemi always gets what she wants whether she gets it by force or by doing something crazy. That’s Haemi. Ever since we were children she’s the one who always gets what she wants, that’s why between the two of us she’s the overly spoiled one. Maybe she doesn’t want dad to interfere with her and her boyfriend, that’s why they eloped. I shook my head at the thought. “You made your point there, Umma. She’s Haemi, she could do anything.”

“Why she is doing all of this? Am I a bad mother?”

I quickly sat beside my mother when I saw her eyes glisten, I was worried that any minute now she’ll break down and cry. I hugged her and patted her back. “No, Umma. You aren’t. We both know that you are the greatest mother anyone could have. It’s just that Haemi grew up rather-” I tried to find another word to define my sister. “uh, reckless.”

My mother sobbed. “Your Appa and I did everything for the two of you, why didn’t she grow up the way you did? I mean, did we teach her wrong that she didn’t end up like you?”

“Don’t say that, Umma.” I smiled reassuringly at my mother. “Haemi’s just having a rebel phase. She’ll be back, I promise you. She will. We’re twins, and I can feel that she’ll be back.”

Mom heaved another deep sigh and calmed herself. I wiped the tears on her cheeks and once again patted her back. “I just wish she’ll be more like you.”

“She’ll get to that.”

A minute of silence passed between the two of us. I stood up and was about to go to my room to change when my mom grabbed my arm.

“I have to ask you something, Hae.” Her tone sounded so serious that I couldn’t help but be curious as what she was about to say.

“What is it?”

“Could you pretend as your sister and attend her school until your Appa finds her?”

I gawked. “W-what? But I also have school and didn’t you say before that Haemi was going to attend an all-boys school? Y-you want me to pretend as a girl, Umma?”

“Please, Hae. You’re the only one who could cover-up for your sister for the time being. I’ll take care of your school and everything. Just please, Hae. Do it for your sister, or more importantly, do it for me.”

I grunted and heaved a very deep sigh. I don’t want to disguise myself as a girl… But I also don’t want to disappoint my mom. She did everything for me and Haemi, she gave all her love since we were kids until now. I have no other choice but to agree with what she just said.

I sighed again. “Okay, Umma. I understand.”

My mom smiled and pulled me into a hug. “I know I can always count on you, Hae. I’m glad to have a son like you.”

I hugged her back. “I love you, Umma.”

So, this means I have to say goodbye to my normal life, huh?


Well, what can I say... this would be my first fanfic after going back from being on-hiatus for almost two years. And this would be my first time of writing a EunHae fic with others SHINee, SUJU, BEAST and DBSK couples. I hope it didn't lose my touch at writing... And I hope you'll enjoy this. thank you.

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18 March 2012 @ 12:52 pm
Finally after my almost two-years sudden hiatus, I'm officially back in livejournal.

I know I've disappointed many of my readers for leaving my unfinished fanfics hanging on the open. But, many tragedies have happened in my life in the past years.

I didn't have time to write and continue them until my computer got broken and deleted every single file on it, meaning I can't re-continue the past fics that I wrote, even though I'll try to continue them and see if I still can. I really just want to apologize to my readers, friends, silent readers and everyone who supported me back then. Thank you so much and I'm really sorry.
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23 February 2011 @ 04:54 pm
Love Rival


(KEY’s P.O.V)

I kept running as my tears fell from my eyes, salty tears caused by bitter heartbreak flowed freely on my cheeks. I was too dumb think that I can see Jonghyun be with Jessica again and be happy with the fact that he's happy, but I just can’t – I really can’t be happy for him, call me selfish or anything, I just can’t.

I stopped and sniffed, I harshly wiped the tears flowing down my eyes as I continued to sniff harder and deeper. I feel really, really sad and heartbroken, it was as if my heart was being torn into tiny pieces.


I was surprised when a familiar voice called my name, I glanced behind me and saw my childhood friend, Dongwoon, standing behind me with worry written all over his face.

“D-dongwoon-ah…” I felt a surge of something inside of me that made me burst into crying again.

Dongwoon moved smoothly trapping me inside his arms and stroking my back while comforting me with his gentle voice. “Hey, stop crying… I don’t know what happened, but I assure you that everything will turn out good… just stop crying, Key-ah.”

I cried harder as I bury my face on his broad chest. “Oh, woonie-ah…” I sobbed. “I-I don’t k-know what to d-do anymore…” I sobbed harder and harder making his uniform a little wet.

“Is it about that J-jonghyun?” there was annoyance on his voice. “Did he make you cry? Did he?!” I shook my head.

“I-its not that… h-he didn’t make me cry… I… I just… I just hoped for something that might not even happen…” I sobbed again as big, fat tears rolled down my eyes.

“Oh… so if he didn’t make you cry would s-stop crying now, please?... please stop crying, my little crybaby.” He was smiling at me but it didn’t reach his eyes, because they were pleading as if he was hurting at what he was seeing, which is me crying in front of him.

I let out a small chuckle and moved a little bit away from Dongwoon’s body. “T-thank you for cheering me up… thank you, Woonie-ah”

“What are f-friends for, right?” Dongwoon wiped away the tears that rolled down my cheeks. “Don’t cry anymore, araso?”

I nodded at him. “I won’t.”He smiled and ruffled my hair.

“And remember, I’ll beat him up so badly that he won’t stand up again once he makes you cry, do you understand that?” He suddenly turned serious, before giving me a smile.

I smiled back at him. “Don’t worry, that won’t ever happen.”

Dongwoon chuckled. “I haven’t seen that smile for a long time, I admit that I really missed it.” He even poked my cheek before grinning brightly at me.

“Your own fault for being busy with your club.” I grinned cheekily at him.

He ruffled my hair again. “I guess I should make up for the time that we haven’t spend with each other.” I nodded at him.

“Well, I really need a distraction today…”

Dongwoon pouted at me. “Am I just a distraction?”

I shook my head as a smile crept up my face. “Nope, you are a person who knows how to cheer me up.”

“Yeah, I’m that great.” I chuckled at what he just said and even gave him a light punch in the shoulder. “Want to go grab ourselves a popcorn and a movie?”

I grinned. “Sure, if its your treat, I’ll gladly accept that offer.”

“You bet it is!”

Maybe I’ll just forget about what happened for now… just for this night…

(End of KEY’s P.O.V)



“You don’t really know where he is?”

Onew and Minho shook their heads at my question, it was already dawn but Key haven’t even come home. I was really, really frustrated, I want to know why he was crying. I want to know why I saw so much pain in his eyes, I want to see him. I heaved a deep sigh.

“What is really your problem, Jonghyun?” Onew spoke up, I know that he really wants to know what was happening. “Why are you so desperate in finding Key?”

“O-of course, he’s m-my f-friend so I’m worried about him.” I lied. “Aren’t you worried too? I mean, its already dawn and he hadn’t come back home yet.”

Onew gave out a little laugh. “He’s not a child, Jonghyun. He’s old enough to take care of himself and come home late if he wants to.”

“I know, but…” I sighed. “uh… nevermind…”

“Tell me, do you by any chance like Key, Dino?” Minho butted in.
I froze at his sudden question. “W-what?”

“You like him, don’t you?” Minho smirked at me.

“W-why… why a-are you saying s-something like that? E-everyone likes K-key.” I managed to say as I stuttered badly.

I saw Onew looked at me with seriousness. “Just answer yes or no, Do you ‘like’ like my cousin, Jjong?”

I gulp and my mind went blank, I was really caught off-guard by Minho and Onew’s question. I tried to swallow the lump that seemed to be stuck down my throat

“I told you.” Minho smirked at Onew raising his hand towards him. “Can I get my prize now?”

I blinked for a few times before realizing what Minho meant. “Wait! Don’t tell me you made a bet?!”

Minho nodded at me, with a smile playing upon his lips. “Yep, that’s the way how to earn money.”

Onew sighed. “Aw man!... I should’ve bet that you would like Key earlier than I expected! Damn! My cousin’s charms worked faster this time.” Onew got a few cash on his wallet and gave it to Minho.

“Aish!” I grunted. “You two are jerks! How can you make a bet about my feelings?! Aish! What great friends you two are.” I said sarcastically.

Both of them chuckled. “We know.”

I just shook my head and let out a deep sigh, no sense thinking about these two’s bet. I should think about Key at times like this. I heaved another deep sigh before grunting again. I feel frustrated at this moment, and I can’t even do something about it.

The three of us were surprised when the front door of Onew’s house swung open, a smile crept up my face when I saw Key come inside but it was wiped out quickly when another guy came inside. Both of them were laughing happily with each other, My fist unconsciously curled up into a ball and I bit my lip trying to control the unknown feeling building up inside of me.

“Oh.” Key stopped at his tracks when he saw the three of us looking at their direction. His smile faded, and there was something reflecting from his eyes. “I-I didn’t know y-you are… y-you are all h-here.”

“Wow! I didn’t know you’re with Dongwoon.” Onew commented before turning to the guy standing next to Key. “Long time no see.”

The guy whom Onew called by the name ‘Dongwoon’ smiled and bowed a little. “Nice seeing you again, hyung.”

“I’ll go up my room now, thanks for sending me home, woonie-ah.” Key smiled to Dongwoon before excusing himself.

The ‘Dongwoon’ guy smiled. ”no problem, it’s because of you that I had a great time today.” I don’t why but I saw him smirked at me for like a second. Did he saw right through me? Is he making me jealous in purpose?

“Smooth move.” Onew’s comment caught my attention. “Finished building up the courage to fight for him now?”

“w-what?” I mumbled to myself.

Dongwoon gave Onew a confident smile. “Yeah, hyung.”

Onew turned to me. “I think I should introduce you to your rival, Jonghyun.”

“Neh?! M-my Rival?”

“Dongwoon is Key’s childhood friend, and he is your rival. He had been in-love with Key ever since he was a small boy.”

My eyes got back to Dongwoon who was smirking at me, my fist curled up harder. “So you also feel something for Key. What a coincidence.”

I snickered sarcastically. “Yeah, it’s a coincidence meeting your own rival.”

“I have to go now Onew-hyung, I know when I’m not wanted anymore.” His eyes turned cold.

“But don’t worry, I’m not going to give up the guy I love to someone who only gave him reasons to cry.” Dongwoon said as he passed by me and went out the door. It hit me sharply, lighting a fire to my curiosity line.

What did he meant by that?

A/N: Ohhkay… I just thought of adding someone who can be Jonghyun’s rival over Key and I chose Dongwoon! XDD I really, really, really – incredibly thought that DongKey / KeyWoon looked a little cute XD I hope this chapter didn’t disappoint any of you. Please leave a comment <3 Love you all~ and don’t worry, I’m recovering now. Thank you~~ <3

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Something That Isn’t Even Bound to Happen
(KEY’s P.O.V)

“This isn’t a date, okay?”

Jonghyun just nodded his head as he eat the food that he ordered, but I can see the amusement playing on those pretty shining eyes of his. I sighed and took a bite of my own food, I don’t really know what’s happening… all I know is that I’m feeling something strange.

“Don’t worry, if you said that it’s not a date, it’s not. Don’t worry your pretty little face about something insignificant as that.” Jonghyun said, a playful smile playing upon his lips. A tingle was sent all throughout my body when my eyes landed on those tempting lips. I swallowed the lump starting to build up on my throat.

I just looked away from his lips and kept quiet as I eat my food. After a few seconds, I was staring at his face again. I was glad that he was busy with eating his food that he didn’t noticed me staring freely at him. That perfect strong jaw line of his, well-sculptured nose, that pair of wonderful, shining, tantalizing dark brown eyes of his that seems to put into trance every time I lay my eyes on them, and that tempting lips of his… Why is it that everything about him makes me fall more deeper for him?

“Should I give you a quiz later? Well, with the way how you study my face. I think you’ll get it perfect.” I looked down, my face blushing as he gave me a playful smirk. The amusement was still on his eyes, that was boring deep into mine.

“In your dreams, dino.” I retorted back at him, trying to hide my nervousness and my heart that was beating wildly. “W-why would I-I study your f-face?”

I swallowed again, before sighing. I can’t even look him in the eyes now, for god’s sake! I heard Jonghyun sigh that made me look up to him. There was something on his face that I can’t even describe. A look that want to push me into making him laugh or just even smile for a little.

“Do you think I should forget about Jessica, and look at someone who is more worthy to pursue and look at?” I don’t know what he meant but I can feel his strong gaze boring deep down into my heart.

“W-what do you mean?”

He sighed again. “Do you think that…”


“That…” I swallowed for the whatever-time already because of how intense his gaze was, it was as if he wants to say something rather really important, but he can’t – don’t want to tell for the moment. Jonghyun sighed again. “Uh… never mind…”

I sighed and placed my hand above his. “If you really want her back just do everything you can, nothing’s unachievable for people who works hard to get something that they want, right? Fight for things that you know that could make your life happier, because that’s the only way you can remain happy and contented with what you’ve got.”

“That sounds selfish.”

“Not ‘selfish’ but being ‘possessive’ of what I believe should belong to me.” I said jokingly, but my heart meant it very seriously that it was sort of bleeding at this moment.

Jonghyun chuckled even though his smile didn’t reach his pretty, tantalizing eyes. “It’s still the same. Selfish.”
“I disagree. For example, if I am involved in a big and really serious relationship, is it selfish if I expect my partner to be completely faithful to me?”

In a blink, sadness passed by his eyes. “We’re talking about past relationship…” but then it returned to the way it usually is. “You, is it okay with you to share your lover with someone else, if ever it happen to you, Key? If you had been my lover, if ever, would you expect me to be truly faithful to you?”

“Because it won’t happen, I can’t see a reason why we should talk about things like this.” I tried to change the subject, because of the strange feeling that I’m getting.

“Shame,” Jonghyun said before taking a deep sigh. “I thought we could continue this discussion in a more congenial surrounding.”

It was a clearly come-on. That idea sends positive reaction to my body, even if I still can’t believe it.

Stop trying to do this to me! I want to shout at Jonghyun, but it seems that my voice escaped me. I couldn’t say my protest out, even though I want to. When our eyes met again I felt the building tension between the two of us. Its so clear that I want him for myself. My body was like paralyzed due to the thought that I just realized.

Does he like me?..... Or not?

(End of KEY’s P.O.V)



“Okay, thank you Mr. Cho. You can get off the stage now.”

I just sat there beside Key, I can’t believe that this year’s play was a musical and that we should sing when we audition. I thought it was just acting and memorizing lines and scripts, but I was proven wrong by the ones who already auditioned. My heart almost skipped a beat when Key placed his hand above mine, it was the warmest thing that I ever felt and it sort of gave me warmth inside my body.

“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine, just be confident about it.” Key whispered to me, I turned to him seeing his beautiful smile that almost caught my breath. “I know you can do it.”

I matched his smile. “Thanks, I’ll do my best.”

“that’s the spirit.” He even squeezed my hand after looking at me with that enticing eyes of his. I was caught off guard when he stood up of his seat.

“Where are you going?” I asked worriedly.

Key chuckled at me. “Its my turn.”

“Oh.” I smiled at him. “Hwaiting!”

“Thanks.” He said before running towards the stage.

“What would you sing, Mr. Kim?” Ms. Hwang asked Key when he got up the stage.

Key smiled at her. “I’ll sing ‘Dreaming Of You’ for my audition piece, Sungsaenim”

“That song is great, go on.” That’s when Key started to sing.

Late at night when all the world is sleeping,
I stay up and think of you,
And I wish upon a star that somewhere,
You are thinking of me, too…

My heart begun to beat faster when Key’s gaze met mine, it stayed that way for a few moments – the longest moments that I’ve felt in my whole life. I swallowed, and kept staring at him even though he was looking somewhere else. But my heart was feeling the song, as if it wants Key singing it to me. It didn’t hurt to dream once in a while.

Wonder if you ever see me,
And I wonder if you know that I’m here,
If you looked in my eyes,
Would you see what’s really inside,
Would you even care?

Key smiled at Ms. Hwang after singing the song, everyone was clapping for him – even myself. I didn’t realized that I was already clapping, it was as if his voice put me into trance.

“That’s so great, honey! Great job, you can get off the stage now.” Ms. Hwang applauded with all of us, Key bowed at her before walking down the stage and sitting beside me.

“You did an awesome job.” I complimented him with the sweetest smile that I could muster.

He smiled back at me, but I noticed that it didn’t reach his eyes. “Thanks. Its your turn now, hwaiting.”

I nodded and ran up the stage, I saw Jessica’s surprised look when I got up the stage. I could see confusion on her face as I stood at the stage.

“What would a basketball guy like you sing?” Ms. Hwang asked raising an eyebrow at me.

I heaved a deep breath and smiled. “I am going to sing a song that I composed, sungsaengnim.”

Ms. Hwang was surely surprised by what I said, but she quickly recovered from it. “well, that’s great. Go on.”

I was another lonely soul, Living my life in my own little world,
I closed my heart, afraid of love,
Until you came and I’ve never been the same.

So hold me close, never let me go,
I’ll make every wish on the star for you,
Take my hand, trust me with your heart
I’ll keep every promise, that I made since the day I found you.

I intentionally met Key’s gaze as I continued singing, I could see something on his pretty eyes, but I can’t seem to find out what it is. He was still so breathtaking as he always had been. I continued singing the song.

Here I stand, I looked in your eyes hoping you would say ‘yes’,
As I make my vow this day, forever and ever,
I’ll be here to stay with you,
Because I love you, I need you, I live my life for you,
So hold me close, never let me go,
I’ll make every wish on the star for you…

I was shocked to see everyone applauding for me too, I never even thought that I have a nice voice to begin with. Even Ms. Hwang was applauding for me too, which made me happy.

“That was so awesome, Mr. Kim Jonghyun! I see so much talent in you, continue that and I’m sure you’ll shine brighter, just like how Kibum shone.” Ms. Hwang commented.

I thanked her before looking back to where Key was sitting, I was horrified when I saw tears running down his cheeks I was supposed to run towards him when Jessica suddenly appeared beside me and kissed me on the lips making everyone gasp, just then at the corner of my eyes I saw Key stood up and ran out of the theater. I broke the kiss, and moved away from Jessica.

“What’re you doing?” I asked her, anger was hinting on my voice.

Jessica looked at me. “I’m sorry about breaking up with you oppa, I was wrong… I realized that I still love you and I can’t go on without you in my life. Can we just forget everything that happened and start anew? I already even broke up with Taecyeon-oppa last night because I still feel something for you.”

I heaved a deep breath. “I’m sorry but everything ended when you broke up with me, I know that I hanged on for a while, but everything’s different now. I don’t love you anymore, I’m sorry, but I already love someone else. I can’t – we can’t go back to our relationship before. I’m sorry.”

I kissed her cheek before running down the stage, I also ran out of the theater and looked around for Key. But the day ended without me finding where he is. He didn’t even go home, Onew and Taemin didn’t know where to find him. I was getting worried – really, really, really worried for Key.

Just where would I ever find you now, Kim Kibum?

A/N: I’m really, really sorry for not being able to update for almost few weeks =((( I was admitted in the hospital & stayed there till this saturday because of my disease… but don’t worry, I’m fine now so I can continue updating =)) I hope you didn’t get angry at me for not updating for so long =((( And I hope you could comment on this chapter…. Thank you very much for those who continue to read my updates…
I SO LOVE MY READERS~~ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

“What do you want to do now?”

“Eh?” Key gave me a confused look. He arrived at my home a few minutes ago. “Why are you asking me? You should decide for yourself, I’m just here to do what you’d like. And I thought you invited me over so that we could practice for the audition.”

A smile crept up on my face, then I sat beside him on my sofa. “well, I know that you’re tired from the dance club’s practice… so I thought we could just relax this whole afternoon.”

Key pouted at me and then leaned back on the sofa comfortingly. I can honestly say that he looks so adorable right now. “That would be a good idea, but what can we do?”

I also leaned down the sofa. “Do you like to watch a movie?”

“Jinja?” My heart almost stopped beating when his head snapped towards me making our heads only inches away from each other. His bright expression alone can take my breath away, but we’re so close with each other! “Do you have something scary?”

“U-uh…” I swallowed down, a lump started forming inside my throat. I can’t help but stare at his beautiful face. It was white & smooth like milk, his eyes twinkled as his cute, dimpled smile played on his lips. oh god! That sexy lips of his… Its like as if they were inviting me to taste them…

A snapped of Key’s fingers sent me back to reality, I cleared my throat and sat straight. My heart was beating noisily, it is as if there were drums creating loud noises inside my chest. Worry was sent all through my body when I saw a scratch on Key’s arm.

“What happened to your arm?” I asked worriedly.

Key also sat up and glanced at his bruised arm. “Oh, this? I just fell down this morning when I was practicing the steps for the practice routine” He smiled at me, but its not enough to melt my worries away. “Don’t worry, it won’t harm me that much.”

I quickly stood up and got the first aid kit in my kitchen cabinet. I got back to Key as quickly as I left, then kneeled in front of him. I grabbed his arm and opened the kit.

“Y-yah! I already told you that its nothing, you don’t have to do that!” Key tried to pull his arm away from my grip, but he failed because I held unto it tightly.

“You should’ve at least disinfected it and placed a band-aid on it so that you would avoid being infected!” I got a disinfectant and a cotton ball, after pouring the liquid on the ball I gently dabbed it at the scratch on Key’s arm.

I saw him winced as I dabbed the cotton ball on it. “See? You said it won’t harm you? But it has a high risk of infection.” I continued to lecture him.

“Ok… I’m sorry for not disinfecting it…” He pouted and tried not to wince, but he frowns every time I dab the ball on his arm.

I looked at him as I placed a mickey mouse patterned band-aid on his scratch. “done… just please take extra care of yourself from now on, araso?”

“Araso…” He unenthusiastically answered, but his face brightened & his eyes twinkled as he stared at the cartoon-patterned band-aid. “Omo! You have this kind of thing?”

My heart was beating so loudly that I think I can go deaf with its sound just seeing his bright expression. “U-uh… yeah, I think it’s a turn off to have that kind of thing…”

“Are you kidding me?!” Key grinned at the band-aid like a little child. “I love this kind of band-aids! Do you think you can give me some too?”

I grinned back at him, he looks so adorable and extra cute acting like a little child. “Sure, I also have a Winnie-the-pooh patterned one, a cat patterned, & other cartoon patterned.” I took out 1 of each thing that I mentioned and showed it to him.

“I’ll be careful next time, if you give me many of these!” There was a warm sensation on his voice that gave me warmth inside. I raised my head and tried to look at him, but I realized what a wrong move I just did. Key’s face was just inches away from mine again, that I can feel his warm breath on my face. He was staring at me intensely, as if he just thought of something.

“A-araso…” I managed to answer even though I stuttered. I sighed and kissed him quickly on his forehead. “okay, good boy.” I smiled at him before standing up and messing his hair.

Key laughed and pouted playfully at me. “Do I look like a little kid to you, Kim Jonghyun?”

I grinned at him again before placing my hands on my hips. “but you do look like one when you’re acting like that. but don’t worry, seeing you act childish makes me feel a little refreshing. Which by the way still makes you look cute.” I don’t know why his laugh always sounded so smooth for my ears but that’s just fine with me. I clearly realized how much I have loved this awesome, cute guy. I stuck out my tongue at him.

“Aigooo! you look so cute!” Key hugged me gently that made my face blush at his touch. His touch and his hug feels so comfortingly nice. “Let’s watch movies now, Jjongie – I can call you that, can i?”


“Yay!” He broke the hug and dance like a little hyper child that made me laugh so hard that I was already clutching my stomach. Key stopped dancing and gave me a victory sign. Omo! he looks really cute!

“Wait here, araso? I’ll just prepare snacks for the two of us.” I grinned cheerfully at him before skipping out of my living room.

I’d love to get use to this!


(Still JONGHYUN’s P.O.V)

I smiled to myself as I felt Key’s body shifted to lean on my chest, the poor guy fell asleep while we were watching a foreign movie. Maybe he got really tired today… I stared at him and caressed his cheek.

How Key scream and cover his eyes because he was scared with the film we were watching was so cute. He also admitted that he has a love-hate relationships with horror films that made me think him more on the cute side.

I sighed and stared at his face as I completely ignore the film that was playing on the television. He looks extra, extra cute as he sleep soundly. How can his lips look sinfully tempting?

I slowly leaned towards the sleeping boy and kissed him gently on the lips trying to avoid waking him up. I smiled after I kissed him, his lips tastes like honey-flavored strawberries with a coating of cinnamon. They were smooth yet, sends different tingle on my lips.

I grinned to myself. “How can you have a deliciously addicting lips, Kim Kibum?” I froze when Kibum moved and slowly opened his eyes

“Uh..” Key sat up and yawned before looking at me while rubbing both of his eyes cutely. “did I fell asleep while watching the film?”

I tried to hide my nervousness with a smile. “Yeah, you fell asleep while covering your eyes from a scary scene.

His eyes widen a bit, then he slapped my arm and pouted at me. “I shouldn’t have agreed to watch a horror film with you, if only I knew you would tease me about it.”

I grinned at him playfully. “I’m just joking, okay?” his pout didn’t falter. “honestly… I think it was superbly cute.”
I saw his face tinted with shades of red. “a-are you just teasing me?”

“Nope, it’s the truth.” I smiled at him, his face turned a little more red.


A moment of silence passed by between the two us, until a light bulb flickered inside my head. I grinned at Key, he just looked at me in confusion. “would you like me to treat you to dinner? i’ll make up for teasing you.”
Key’s smile came back to his face. “Sure.”


(End of JONGHYUN’s P.O.V)

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18 February 2011 @ 01:15 pm

Title:  Did it go on plan?
Author:  imashineegirl
Warning:  Fangirl imagination gone crazy XDDD *blame a post that I just read XDD*
Rated:  R
Disclaimer:  I don’t want this part XCC *sniffs* I don’t even own the characters in this fics… but I own the crazy imagination fanboy/fangirl thingies. *tries to cheer myself up*
Summary:  A stupid dare started when SHINee’s Jonghyun lost a bet with SHINee’s Minho in a stupid game, the dare was to ask his ideal girl out on a date. But, its not that simple if his ideal girl, Shin Se Kyung is a hardcore JongKey fangirl. And she wants to witness JongKey up-close and personal.
Pairings:  JongKey, JongKeyKyung (XDD well, onesided fangirl thingy XDD ), JoonKyung (fanboy thingy of Doojoon XDD)

A/N: just want to show
joycekeewy that i was doing this XDD i didn't have time to finish it yet, but i'm working on it. so sorry if it took long =))

==o==o== inspired by
joycekeewy 's prompt ==o==o==



Just a little more!

I have to be faster! Just a little mo –

Jonghyun grunted when his racing car on the videogame crashed and big, bold letterings of ‘YOU LOSE’ flashed by the screen. He slammed the XBOX controller down the floor, and glared at the grinning Minho who he played with.

“Ugh! Stupid game!”

“How’s that hyung?” Minho grinned widely. “You lost… so, you have to do the dare.”

Jonghyun grunted again. “Ugh!... just say that stupid dare already!”

Jonghyun’s dongsaeng smirked deviously at him. “Ask your dream girl out on a date.”

Jonghyun spat out the cola he was drinking on Minho’s face. Minho glared at his hyung before wiping the cola off his face. “W-what did you just say?!”

“Ask the actress Shin Se Kyung out on a date.” Minho heaved a deep sigh, his hyung can be kind of slow sometimes.

Jonghyun gulped. “Wait! I don’t want to do that?!”

“So you’re chickening out, hyung?” Minho even made chicken sounds to tease Jonghyun. “My hyung is a chicken.”

As a prided man, Jonghyun grunted and sighed. “Ok! Ok! I’ll do the stupid dare! Just stop that!”

“Awesome! ”Minho chuckled. He knows this will not be that easy, ‘cos he knows Se Kyung’s secret. Deep, dark secret!


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17 February 2011 @ 01:34 pm



Love Sick Puppy in Action






(KEY’s P.O.V)


“I’m really sorry that I slept all through the play.” I apologized to Jonghyun. We were now inside his car at the moment. Several minutes have passed since the play was finished. I feel really bad for not even watching a single scene, I want to my blame my cousin for that, but I cant though.


“Aish! I already said that just fine. I understand it a lot, araso? So stop apologizing to me. You already did that for like a thousand times already.” Jonghyun said as he drove the car.


I stared at him while he focused on his driving. Jonghyun’s features was more sharper upclose than from a far distance. His sharp-masculine jaw line, his very well-chiseled nose, that almond-like dark brown eyes of his that turns to two slits when he smiles, everything about him looked more toned and gorgeous when viewed closer.


“You know, staring can lead to two consequences, Key.” I looked away at Jonghyun when he said that. I didn’t even noticed myself that I was actually staring at him. “It can lead to addiction with serious paranoia… or much worse, it can lead to….” I noticed that he intentionally left the sentence hanging.


“To w-what?” I asked as I stuttered a little, curiousity was building up its way inside of me.


I saw a smile creep out his face, he glanced at me then grinned for a second before turning his attention back to the road. “or to falling in… love.”


I almost choke on my own saliva. “E-excuse me?... to f-falling in l-love?”


The car stopped at the red light, Jonghyun looked at me then he grinned confidently. “Yep, into falling in love with someone.”


I was starting to get nervous at how he looked at me, I gulped and my face was starting to turn red because of embarrassment. “G-great q-quote…” I burst out, trying to change the atmosphere that’s slowly being awkward.


Jonghyun chuckled then he turned back into his driving again. “Don’t worry.” He flashed a confident smile at me again. “It’s true, not just a quote.”


I tried to force a smile at Jonghyun before turning my head away. There was something about him that’s making me feel strange at this moment. It was as if he turned more and extra friendly than before. I shifted more towards the car window and just looked out so that I won’t catch his gaze.



Something is happening… and I can feel it…


(End of KEY’s P.O.V)






“Aish!” I grunted and pulled my hair in frustration. I know I was acting like a shy school girl or more like a love sick puppy at this very moment, and what I can’t believe and I regret is that I used the ‘staring’ quote at Key! It was a wrong move because the atmosphere between us turned very awkward and he sat all the way home being silent.


I sighed and plopped down on my bed, my handphone on my right hand and a pillow in the other one. I can’t decide if I should give Key a call or should I just send him a text message. Yeah, Kim Jonghyun, you are acting like a love sick puppy… but you’re actually liking it at some point. I was quite surprised to know that I’m gay, just like Minho, but I realized that it was not that bad if the one I like is Key.


I almost squealed like a fangirl when I received a text message from Key.

[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:41 PM


          Thans again for today, Jonghyunnie, btw, sorry again about the sleeping thingy. But I enjoyed the short time that I had with you today =)


I smiled for a second then I frowned. He still can’t let go of that? I sat up on my bed and started typing my reply. I really like how key’s name was saved on my phone book, even the girly heart thingy.

[id] Jonghyunnie =)

[time] 07:42 PM


          You still can’t let go of that, can you?


[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:43 PM


          Uh, nope,,, Please I really want to get back to you. I still feel really bad about my rudeness earlier, I really, really, really do.


[id] Jonghyunnie =}

[time] 07:44 PM


          Anything? Can you do anything just to get back at me?

[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:45 PM


          Yep, anything. I really, really, really want to do it ={



I smiled at his cuteness, and then a light bulb flickered inside my head. I just thought of something really good… and it could benefit both of us. Obviously, I’ll benefit more than him.


[id] Jonghyunnie =)

[time] 07:46 PM


          Will you go to my house tomorrow?


[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:47 PM


          Eeh? Jinja?! Come to your house tomorrow?


[id] Jonghyunnie =)

[time] 07:48 PM


          Would it be a burden to you if you come to my house on a Sunday?


[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:45 PM




[id] Jonghyunnie =)

[time] 07:49 PM


          Just araso? No, ‘I’d love to’ part? =(


[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:50 PM


          Haha, you’re so cute hyung, you’re acting like a child. Jonghyunnie-hyung is kyota!


[id] Jonghyunnie =)

[time] 07:52 PM


          You’re way too cute for me to handle.


[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:53 PM


          Eh? What do you mean for you to handle??


[id] Jonghyunnie =)

[time] 07:54 PM


          Oh… I mean, you’re way cuter than me. =)


[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:55 PM


          Oh, araso, araso btw, I should go to sleep now, I still have to wake up early to attend the dance club’s practice tomorrow morning. =)


I was surprised, I didn’t know that he was a member of the dance club.


[id] Jonghyunnie =)

[time] 07:56 PM


          You’re a member of the dance club?


[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:57 PM


          Yeah, and I really have to go right now.


[id] Jonghyunnie =)

[time] 07:58 PM



          Oh right, good night & be sure to dream of me.


[id] Keybummie ♥

[time] 07:59 PM



          I will, I will, araso



I smiled to myself after I received Key’s last text message. My heart feels really, really warm at the moment. I haven’t felt this kind of sensation for quite a long time now, and I really like the feeling its giving me. Now, I am happy because I realized what Jessica meant before, about the spark between us being gone. And more importantly, Key’s coming to my house tomorrow!




I can’t wait to see him again… Way to go for making me feel like a lovesick puppy, Kim Kibum…


(End of JONGHYUN’s P.O.V)



A/N: Annyeong! Sorry if I didn’t update for like 2 days… dance practice was taking its toll on my schedule… time is gold right now for me… But, I can still update so don’t worry neh? Btw, thanks for everyone who still reads & comments on my fics. I really love all of you. And please leave a comment, so that I would know if someone was reading my fic or not… -forallmyactive&silentreaders- SARANGHEYO! <3

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14 February 2011 @ 03:14 pm


1% can be a very big chance, right?



(KEY’s P.O.V)


“Thanks for coming here with me on a weekend, Key.”

“i-its my pleasure to help you.” I smiled shyly at Jonghyun as I sat down beside him. I was really shocked when Jonghyun called me last night, I mean… I haven’t even recovered yet from the music room incident yet… then he’ll call me asking if I could meet with him today.





“Yoboseyo, Key!~” Jonghyun sounds strangely cheerful.

“Oh, hi. Jonghyun-hyung.” I tried to talk to him with the same cheerful tone that he has.

He chuckled. “You home already?”

“U-uh… yeah. I got home safely, did you call me j-just to c-check if I’m o-okay?” I stuttered as I asked that question, I mean… why would he waste time just to check up on me?

He didn’t answer for a while. “u-uhm… a-ah… I just w-want to be s-sure that y-you and Taemin got h-home s-safely… t-that’s all…” Jonghyun stuttered, did I hit it right on the spot?

Silence filled the phone line, it was so silent that the only thing I could hear was his breathing… and the beating of my heart that goes ‘thump thump thump’.

“Are you still there?” We amusingly said in unison. We can’t help but chuckle at what have just happened.

“C-can I ask you something, Key?” Jonghyun’s tone was sort of tense.

“Mmm… s-sure, what is it?”

Jonghyun cleared his throat before saying what he would like to ask me. “w-would you l-like to… to come w-watch a play w-with m-me tomorrow?... he said still stuttering.

I was dazed for a moment then I snapped out of it after a while. “L-like a-a d-date…. Ah… I m-mean a friendly b-bonding?”

“A-ah, yeah… i-I m-mean not a d-date thingy… I-I j-just… w-want to k-know how a p-play w-would be…” I swallowed hard to get rid the unknown thing lumping on my throat.

“I-I know…” Awkwardness was building up between us so I had to finish this quickly. “A-and…. Sure… i-I’d love t-to go w-watch a play with you…”

“R-reallY? Thanks!~” The strange enthusiasm was back on his tone once again.

A minute of silence passed between us, I cleared my throat. “U-uh, I-I should go right now. I’ll s-see you tomorrow?”

“Neh, I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ll wait for you inside the theatre, araso?.” He said cheerfully.

“Araso, Bye bye~” I tried to say cutely to relieve some awkwardness that built up.

I heard him laugh on the other line.”Aegyo! your ‘bye, bye’ was so good. I wish I saw your dimpled smile with that.”

I felt my face get hot with his statement, does he really think my smile is… great? “T-thanks…”

“Bye bye” Jonghyun copied the cutesy tone that I used making me giggle. “turn it off, first.”

“eeehh? You turn it off first.”

“Nope, you first.”

“You go first.”

“araso, araso…”

Silence passed for a while, but I know he didn’t turn it off because I can still hear his breathing on the other line.

“I know you’re still there” I chuckled. “I can still hear your breathing.”

He also chuckled. “I don’t really turn off my phone first… especially when…” Especially when what? “E-especially when… I’m t-talking to m-my f-friends…”

It was as if my heart was lead on and then thrown aside. Aish… I told myself for many times to stop believing in fairytales and knights-in-shining armors… but why am I still believing in this unrequited love again? “T-then I’ll turn it off first.”

“Araso, bye bye.” Again, he copied my cutesy goodbye. I just shook my head and turned off the phone.


-End of Flashback-


“By the way, I’m sorry if I came a bit late.” I bit my lower lip in embarrassment. “I honestly woke up late… Onew-hyung forced me to help him on something last night, and it took us until dawn to finish...” I yawned. “S-so sorry if I’m a bit sleepy.” I yawned again. “t-today.”

Jonghyun laughed. “That’s fine, but you should’ve told me that you didn’t have enough sleep last night. So that you could sleep all day today, and not come here with me.” His voice was gentle, but it was quite powerful as if he was lecturing me to think of myself first.

“T-that’s fine, I’ll just sleep…” I yawned again, my eyes were kind of droopy right now, but I can’t helped but stay awake for Jonghyun. “later…”

“See? you’re not fine. I can see that you’re really, really sleepy.” Jonghyun even emphasized the word ‘sleepy’ and folded his arms on his chest. “Just sleep.”

“Eeehhh?  I can’t sleep…” I unconsciously yawned again. “the ticket you bought will be at waste if I sleep, and the play’s not yet even starting.”

Jonghyun frowned at me. “Are you worried about the money that I paid for the ticket?” he clicked his tongue. “Don’t worry about that, its not that really expensive. And…” he smiled at me. “I don’t mind you sleeping all through the play, I’m just happy that you came here with me today.”

His smiled warmed up my heart, so a smile crept up my face. I was surprised when Jonghyun pulled me much closer to him and he laid my head down on his shoulders. I felt as though my cheeks heat up. I also felt my heart jump for joy and was doing its acrobatics again.

“U-uh, I know that my s-shoulder is not that comfortable… but I hope you would be quite enough with it.” I can’t see his face, but his smile was pasted on my mind. “So, go to sleep, now. and please sleep soundly.”

“B-but! – ” I was going draw away my head from his shoulders but he stopped me by placing it back on his shoulder.

“Sleep, I won’t let you remove your head on my shoulder. So just go to sleep already, araso?” There was something on his voice that just made me nod obediently at him.

“A-are you sure this is just fine?” I asked again. Even though my place right now feels really comfortable for me. Jonghyun’s shoulder was really comfortable, unlike what he just said that its not that comfortable. Leaning at it like this, it feels as if my heart is going to burst with so much happiness.

“I already said its fine. So stop talking and go to sleep.”

“Ye, appa.” I answered sarcastically, I felt his shoulder moved a little indicating that he just laughed at how I answered him.

“Good, now go to sleep, baby. Appa will be here watching you... little baby...”

I just closed my eyes. It was really great to be called ‘baby’ by the one you love, even though he really didn’t mean it. A smile showed up my face as the starting melody of the play lulled me to sleep on Jonghyun’s shoulders.

Well… I can still hope, right? Even if I only have 1% chance of being with him… I should grab it how much big it is… 1% can be a very big chance, right?


(End of KEY’s P.O.V)







Jonghyun smiled when he felt that the man beside him was already sleeping. He breathe deeply and he carefully and gently arranged the head resting on his shoulder. He was starting to feel something strange about the man that he did not know what, it started the first day he saw that dimpled smile…

And as I spend more time with him I can feel that it grew more than what the feelings were before. It was as if something ignited inside of me... something that involves Key... and moving on?

Can it be?.... can it be that he was beginning to feel something for Key?...

can it be that?





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